Book Review: Tess of the Road

Author: Rachel Hartman
Stars: 4/5
Pages: 544
Recommended to: fans of Tamora Pierce, fans of the woman dressing as a man trope
To be published on: February 2018

Tess is an adventurer stuck in the body of a young woman who is set to help her sister get married and secure a better income. That’s the role in her life, but what happens after that role is no longer needed? Once Tess’s twin sister is married off, Tess is unsure of what to do. So, she decides to go off on an adventure like her favorite character in the books she read as a child. However, Tess has secrets that begin to unravel as she goes on this adventure, secrets that are more painful than even she realizes.

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Book Review: No Cure for the Dead

Author: Christine Trent
Stars: 2/5
To be Published: May 8th, 2018

Although not a medical student, I have read Florence Nightingale’s Notes on Nursing, and this past semester wrote a paper on the influence of women in medical history for a college class. Therefore, one would think that this book was right up my alley. A murder mystery with one of the medical world’s most famous woman in history?
Sign me up!
Except, maybe not with this book.

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Book Review: The Bookworm

Author: Mitch Silver
Pages: 352
Stars: 4/5
Recommended to: fans of Russian themed novels (Grisha series fans, I’m looking at you.), fans of WWII stories, time hopping novels, fans of historical fiction.
To be published on: February 6th 2018 by Pegasus Books

The Bookworm is a thrilling story about a former chess champion and current Russian professor, Lara, who finds a secret about the Allies in WWII from records that were given to her by one of her students. This secret could change the course of history and ruin her career as a history professor. Throughout the novel she struggles with an ex-husband, a romantic partner, and historical secrets that could shatter everyone’s perception of history as they knew it.
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Book Review: Blood Sisters

Author: Jane Corry
Stars: 3/5
Pages: 341
Recommended to: fans of crime and mystery novels.
Trigger warning: This novel details accounts of self harm and rape.

One second is all that it takes to change your life forever. There is an accident when three school girls are crossing the road. The only witnesses are the survivors, Allison, the one who survived without a scrape, her sister Kitty who is unconscious at the scene, and the driver of the car. Which story is correct when everyone has a different memory of what happened? Read More »

Book Review: The Fifth Petal

Author: Brunonia Barry
Stars: 4/5
Pages: 436
Recommended to: fans of stories about the Salem witches, and fans of mystery and crime novels

 A teenager is dead in Salem, the murder echoes another murder that happened decades ago. John Rafferty is the chief of Police and is trying to piece together a decades old murder where three women, all related to accused witches during the trials, were killed. He receives help from one of the two survivors of that night, one of the daughters of the women who were killed, Callie Cahill. Will they be able to find out who killed the women or will evil run its course in Salem once again?

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